10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

Whether it’s for home, work or school, sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to think of what to have for lunch each and every day! So I’ve put together a list of 10 yummy and healthy lunches to go to help inspire you!

Many of these are actually leftovers from dinner. I find that it is much easier to make extra the night before, then there’s no time wasted in the morning making another meal. And guess what, there are no sandwiches in sight!

1. Mason Jar Salad

Salads make super healthy lunches, easy to prepare and store in mason jars. Then just pop in the fridge and they are ready to go when needed. Make sure you have a good addition of protein, like quinoa, egg and kale in this salad, to keep appetites satisfied for the afternoon.

Don’t forget it’s best to pack lunches with recyclables that are toxin free. This kale, quinoa, carrot, cabbage and egg salad with a ginger soy dressing was served in Ball wide mouth 440ml mason jars . We love these super handy leak-proof glass jars and prefer the wide mouth style for easier access when eating.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

2. Pizzas

Homemade pizzas also make great healthy lunches. You can prep them for afternoon tea or dinner the day before and pop extras in the lunchbox for the next day. Unlike other meals, pizzas are an easy option to also accommodate different tastes with various toppings. I especially love the “make your own” routine we have at home (less work for me)!

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

3. Rice Paper Rolls

These are yummy rice paper rolls made with leftover slow-cooked pork from dinner the night before, served with a Vietnamese rice noodle salad. Of course, you can make vegetarian rolls or fillings of any preference at all. Rice paper rolls are a great gluten-free lunch option.

Make sure you take the accompanying sauce in a leak proof container or you may end up with messy spills! I have teamed up the LunchBots Bento Box – Trio here with a small leak proof container from the Kids Konserve Nesting Trio.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

4. Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are so versatile, for both cool and warm weather.

  • In our Planetbox Shuttle stainless steel lunch box, we have pre-mixed our noodles for a salad.
  • For a hot lunch, pop your soba noodles in a mason jar and reheat with lids off in the microwave. My girls are lucky enough to have heating facilities at school but if you do not have this access, just pop your preheated soba noodles into a heated food thermos.
  • Here, we have used Ball wide mouth 440ml mason jars. You can source various sizes of mason jars to suit different sized appetites from Biome Eco Stores.
  • I have seasoned all these lunches with a simple ginger soy dressing, just varying with accompaniments.
  • HOT TIP: My girls did note that I filled the jars to high. I would suggest not to fill them to the top to allow space to mix the ingredients.

5.Chicken Schnitzel with Apple Cider Vinegar Coleslaw

Leftovers again for lunch!

I made some extra chicken schnitzel strips the night before for lunches the next day and served it with leftover apple coleslaw in a plain yogurt and apple cider dressing. No extra prep the next day for school!

The schnitzels were packed in a reusable Lunchskin and the salad kept tight in a Ball mason jar.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

6. Brown Rice Veggie Noodles

Brown rice noodles are a delicious lunch, cooked here with carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and gai larn. For bigger appetites, we have a larger 650ml Ball mason jar. Again, we find the wide mouth helps with accessibility into the container than the regular jar shape. If you do not have access to heating facilities, a food thermos is also a great option.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

7. Frittatas

Frittatas are high in protein to keep hungry appetites satisfied well until afternoon tea. They are also great for using up odd veggies that need to be eaten. Accompany with a salad or fruit.

Once again, we have served up in the LunchBots Bento Box – Trio (photo on the left) and the smaller sized Planetbox Shuttle stainless steel lunch box (photo on the right).

 8. Noodle soup

For the cooler weather, a nourishing noodle soup with homemade broth is a fav! We have found these Balls mason jars are leak proof so great for noodle soup. Just pop off the lid before reheating.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

9. Quinoa bake

If you want to up the nutrients in your regular frittata, just add quinoa. Quinoa is a nutrient rich source of carbohydrates for fuel for the day, is high in protein and rich in fibre. Added to your veggies and frittata egg mix, this quinoa bake makes for a very nutritious lunch.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

10. Brown Fried Rice

Leftover fried brown rice is another one of our yummy and healthy lunches. Brown rice offers more nutrients that white and is lower GI. Also a good source of carbohydrate for energy, it provides protein and fibre, and also magnesium, important for both anaerobic and aerobic energy production.

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!

Healthy Lunches so easy with leftovers

There are so many lunch options, sometimes it’s just seeing them all highlighted in one place that jogs the ideas of actually what to cook.

But my biggest tip is definitely to make extra portions at dinner, then just eat leftovers for healthy lunches!

10 yummy, easy and healthy lunches to go!


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