5 Ingredient Super Easy and Healthy Energy Balls Recipe

5 Ingredient Super Easy and Healthy Energy Balls Recipe

Last week, Hubby and I went on an amazing 4-day hike in Tasmania. And whilst thinking about suitable food to take along, I realised that my usual daily morning coffee without any soy or rice milk readily on hand, would be a challenge. So I did some recipe testing and created these yummy healthy energy balls, with just 5 ingredients! Perfect for my brain to get its coffee hit and great for the body to get some fuel for a day of hiking. Oh, and with Easter in just a couple weeks, I shaped them into mini eggs too, just to get in early on the Easter spirit!

5 Ingredient Super Easy and Healthy Energy Balls Recipe

5 Healthy Ingredients

These energy balls are so easy to make and with just 5 health ingredients.

1. Raw Cacao Powder

  • Also high in important nutrients for active people such as magnesium and iron, Raw Cacao Powder is the highest natural source of antioxidants. 1
  • It is also very rich in flavanols which offer anti-inflammatory benefits. 2
  • And with mood-boosting serotonin, dopamine and anandamide, and also containing phenylethylamine (PEA), cacao can elevate your mood and increase energy.

2. Oats

  • Oats are a good whole grain source of carbohydrate for fuel, also offering quality protein with good nutritional value.
  • They contain valuable micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and B group vitamins such as folate. 3 4
  • Eating oats have been linked to health benefits associated with dietary fibres such as β-glucan, functional protein, lipid and starch components and the phytochemicals present in the oat grain. 5

3. Medjool dates

  • Medjool dates are a natural source of energy, are high in fibre, rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc, and also contain B vitamins and vitamin K and A. 6
  • They can be substituted as a non-refined sweetener, a healthier alternative to processed sugars.

4. Hazelnuts

  • Hazelnuts are a nutrient rich source of folate, antioxidants, fibre, plant protein, healthy fats, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin E, copper, manganese and potassium. 7

5. Coffee

  • Although there is not much coffee per energy ball in this recipe, in general, coffee has been linked to enhancing athletic performance as a result of its caffeine content.
  • Pure caffeine has been shown to help: 8
    • Endurance athletes run faster, 9,
    • Cyclists to ride longer,  10,
    • Footballers sprint more often and over greater distances, 11
    • Basketball players to jump higher, and 12
    • Improve the accuracy and successful shots of tennis players 13 and golfers. 14

5 Ingredient Super Easy and Healthy Energy Balls Recipe

Coffee Cacao Healthy Energy Balls Recipe


  • 2 tablespoons organic raw cacao powder
  • 1 cup organic rolled oats
  • 7 pitted Medjool dates
  • 1/4 cup hazelnut meal
  • 1 shot espresso coffee


  1. Put all the ingredients into a food processor and blend together to form a sticky paste. Then simply shape into balls or any shape preference.

This recipe makes around 7 healthy energy balls or in this case, healthy mini “Easter Eggs“.


For other healthy recipes, check out the Nourish the Active page.

5 Ingredient Super Easy and Healthy Energy Balls Recipe




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  1. The enegy balls sound great. Been looking for a solid but easily digestible food source for mu Ultra Marathons for a while now. Will try this recipe. Thanks for posting!

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