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Active + Nourished

Hi! I’m Jules, the founder and writer behind Active + Nourished.

I am wife to a beautiful man and mum to two gorgeous teenage girls who love sport! My youngest daughter is a gymnast and my eldest is a runner and triathlete. Both compete at state and national level in these sports. Over the years, they have also been involved at high levels in many other sports. These have included diving, taekwondo, netball, and surf life saving. Even though they have their particular chosen sports at this time, they do love to try new ones too.

My husband and I also love sport. And as a family, we love to be active and explore new adventures together. Our lifestyle is focused on fun, fitness, family and food.

As an equities analyst in my previous life (pre-teen kid days), I have always been a keen researcher and writer. Although I have to say that blogging is quite a different style of writing than in stockbroking! Nevertheless, the process is the same. Research a topic of interest, then analyse the facts to determine the best course of action. This, however, may be different for each child and for each family, so please tailor any information to suit your own circumstances.

Active + Nourished is my space to share some of the research and knowledge I have learned during our journey of raising kids who enjoy sport and our experiences as an active family. We hope to encourage health and happiness to your families.


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