What better way to get to know 4 of the best Olympians?

What better way to get to know 3 of the best Olympians?

Autobiographies tell all!

With two and a half weeks of action packed sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics, there’s still time to read up on your favourite Olympians! And what better way to do this than to read their revealing autobiographies?

When an athlete writes his or her own story, this allows you to gain a unique insight into their lives. This includes how they feel about all aspects of elite sport. This includes their views on training, competition, their rivals, and how they overcome challenges to be the best in the world!

Reading up on their favourite Olympians is also a great way to initiate and stimulate your children’s interest when the Games start. Gaining an understanding of what their favourite athletes might be thinking when competing may provide that emotional connection and appreciation when watching the Games. Now is a great time to get pumped for the pending Summer Olympic Games!

What better way to get to know 3 of the best Olympians?

3 gold medal Olympians off to Rio to defend their titles!

Here are 3 great autobiographies written by inspirational Olympians. They all won gold medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games. They are now set to defend their titles at the 2016 Rio Olympics!

We have read and reviewed all the books below. You can click on the links to read our full book reviews of these amazing Olympians.

1. “Swim Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story” by Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee

“Swim Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story” by Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee (Olympians)Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee are both in top form in the lead up to the Rio Olympic Games. They took the top two podium positions, Alistair gold and Jonathan silver, at the inaugural Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon championship in their home town, Leeds, in June, and then again in July in Stockholm. Both former Olympians, Alistair goes to Rio to defend his 2012 London Games Olympic title. Jonathan is looking to better his bronze medal.

You can read about the Brownlee brothers in their exciting autobiography, “Swim, Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story.” It provides a descriptive reflection of their lives from early childhood. It includes how they became involved in triathlon as kids, through to their journey to the London Olympics and immediately after.

Book Recommendation 

This engaging story of two exceptionally talented and hard working brothers provides a unique insight into what it takes to reach the top in triathlon at both World Championship and Olympic level. A great read for anyone interested in triathlon, sport in general or just someone looking for inspiring Olympic success stories. Read our full book review here.

You can purchase a copy of “Swim Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story” at the Book Depository* with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

2. “Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith” by Gabrielle Douglas

"Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith" by Gabrielle Douglas (Olympian)

Gabby Douglas is the reigning Olympic all-around gold medalist in women’s artistic gymnastics. She will also head to Rio to defend her title. After a two-year break post the last Games, Gabby has been working hard in the lead-up to Rio. She is looking like a strong defender winning The AT&T American Cup in March earlier this year. It will be an exciting competition though, against team mate, Simone Biles, the reigning World Champion.

You can read about Gabby in her autobiography, “Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith.” This is a truely inspiring story covering Gabby’s life as a child and her journey as a young gymnast overcoming a myriad of challenges to reach her ultimate goal, Olympic Gold in 2012 in London.

Book Recommendation

By Jules – This book is a good read for young athletes who will be inspired by the true story of Gabrielle Douglas.

By a Young Gymnast (tween) – I would recommend this Gabby Douglas book not only for gymnasts but also for non gymnasts to read. This book is suitable for everyone because it is not all gymnastics talk, it is an engaging book with a captivating story. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I don’t think that there was anything wrong with it or anything that could have been improved!

Read our full book reviews here.

You can purchase a copy of “Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith” at the Book Depository* with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

3.“Faster than Lightning – My Story” by Usain Bolt

BOOK REVIEW: Faster than Lightning My Story by Usain Bolt (Olympian)

Another 2012 London Olympian defending gold medal titles is Usain Bolt. Despite a recent injury scare at Olympic trials, it has been confirmed that Usain will be defending his 3 titles – 100m, 200m, and the 4 x 100m relay event.

You can read about Usain Bolt in his autobiography, “Faster than Lightning – My Story.” The book details Usain’s life from a young boy and his development through the World Junior rankings. From there he details his journey through to his amazing Olympic successes in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.

Book Recommendation

For Usain Bolt fans, you will love this book! For those interested in athletics and sport in general, this is also a great read. It is an interesting insight into the makings of the fastest man on Earth. With a better understanding of Usain and the competitive world of elite track and field racing, I look forward to watching him defend his three Olympic titles at the Rio Olympics! Read our full book review here.

You can purchase a copy of “Faster than Lightning – My Story” at the Book Depository* with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.


And one more….Defending champion, Sally Pearson, pulls out of Rio 

Unfortunately, with less than 6 weeks to the start of the Games, it was a shock to hear that Sally Pearson had to pull out of the Rio Olympics. A hamstring tear prevents her from defending her Olympic title. Sally won gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the women’s 100m hurdles event. Since 2013, she has unfortunately been struggling with injuries. We wish Sally a speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing her compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in her home town on the Gold Coast. You can still read about Sally Pearson in her autobiography, “Believe.”

4. “Believe” – by Sally Pearson

BOOK REVIEW: Believe by Sally PearsonBook Review Recommendation

If you are interested in athletics, particularly hurdles, you will be able to appreciate the detail that Sally describes of each and every one of her races. She is a highly motivated, hard working and focused athlete who may inspire readers with her story of talent, determination, and self-belief. Read our full book review here.

You can purchase a copy of “Believe” at the Book Depository* with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

What better way to get to know your Olympians?


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