BOOK REVIEW: Believe by Sally Pearson

BOOK REVIEW: Believe by Sally Pearson

Sally Pearson pulls out of the Rio Olympics!

It was such a shock to hear of Sally Pearson’s withdrawal from the Rio 2016 Olympics today. She has officially pulled out of the Games after a hamstring tear, with just over a month out from the start. This is a major blow to the Australian Olympic team who loses a mentor and leader. But more importantly, this is a significant disappointment for Sally. She is now unable to defend her Olympic title in the 100m hurdles event.

BOOK REVIEW: Believe by Sally Pearson


If you are interested in finding more about Sally Pearson, you can read her autobiography “Believe”. It offers a detailed recollection of her athletic career.

Book Synopsis

Sally Pearson was competitive as a young girl and never wanted to lose. This is similar to the many other Olympic champion autobiographies we have reviewed. Obviously a common trait for world champions!

It was surprising to read that she started her sporting career as an elite gymnast. She transferred to track through Little Athletics at age 12. After being inspired watching Cathy Freeman win the 400m at the Sydney Olympic Games, Sally also wanted to be the best in the world. And from there her natural athletic talent fast tracked her to win the 100m under 20 Australian title at the young age of only 14.

In the book, Sally recalls what seems to be nearly every major event of her athletics career. This includes her transition from the 100m sprint to 100m hurdles event. Races span from World Youth Championships, Commonwealth Games through to two Olympic Games. She details events, race times and records. Her races at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games were highlights.

Her last race recollection was of the World Championships in 2013 in Moscow. After winning Gold at the 2012 London Olympics, Sally suffered some injury setbacks. But her undeniable determination, strength, motivation, and self-belief brought her back to the podium in this event.


If you are interested in athletics, particularly hurdles, you will be able to appreciate the detail that Sally describes of each and every one of her races. She is a highly motivated, hard working and focused athlete who may inspire readers with her story of talent, determination, and self-belief.

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