BOOK REVIEW: Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas

Book Review: Grace, Gold & Glory

We have just returned from the Gymnastics Australia 2015 National Clubs Carnival where my youngest daughter was competing. Congratulations to all the amazing gymnasts! It’s been a big gym week with Nationals Clubs and National Gymnastics Day on Saturday. So continuing along this theme, here is a gymnastics Book Review: Grace, Gold & Glory, from both a gym mum’s and young gymnast’s perspective.

Book Review: Grace, Gold & Glory – (from a mum’s perspective) 

Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas is an inspirational story of a young gymnast overcoming a myriad of challenges to reach her ultimate goal, Olympic Gold in 2012 in London. She was the first US gymnast ever to bring home team and individual gold from the same Olympics.

This is a true fairytale story in the gymnastics world, where the very real hurdles of financial constraints, mental strength through adversity and failure, and finding a quality coaching connection, are overcome by dogged determination, natural and exceptional talent, dedication hard work, strong faith and a loving and supporting family and community. Gabby talks regularly about her faith which is one of her key motivational supports in addition to her family. The story encapsulates many positive themes for young readers.

Although the book is described as an autobiography, it was co-written with a journalist, Michelle Burford, better known as the founding editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. The memoir is written in colloquial language which is quick and easy to read, suiting its targeted audience of young gymnasts.  It is the story of Gabrielle Douglas’ life rather than the writing in this book, which will satisfy readers. The inclusion of several pages of photos also brings to life Gabrielle’s story.

Unlike many other gymnast biographies, Gabrielle is still currently competing which may provide some additional relevance to young readers. She is also happens to be on the latest October 2015 cover of Inside Gymnastics Magazine, with a feature on her comeback plan in the cover story.


This book is a good read for young athletes who will be inspired by the true story of Gabrielle Douglas. A great gift for any young gymnast.

Book Review: Grace, Gold & Glory by Gabby Douglas

Book Review: Grace, Gold & Glory – by a Young Gymnast (tween)

I like the book Grace, Grace, Gold & Glory – My Leap of Faith by Gabby Douglas because it isn’t just about the Olympics, it is about Gabby’s journey from when she was a child up to going to the Olympics.

Gabby’s childhood was fascinating to read about because it was so different to how I have grown up. I also like this book because it gives you an insight as to how she felt, with Gabby’s description of her emotions and thoughts, and not just stating the events that happened.

It was interesting to read that Gabby also found it hard to perfect her kips in the beginning as I did too when I was first learning them. My favourite part of the book was when Gabby made her comeback from a competition that crushed her confidence, and how she was able to make the ultimate comeback. I like this part because it was inspiring to see how she was able to push aside her negative thoughts and stay on the road to the Olympics!


I would recommend this Gabby Douglas book not only for gymnasts, but also for non gymnasts to read. This book is suitable for everyone because it is not all gymnastics talk, it is an engaging book with a captivating story.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, because I don’t think that there was anything wrong with it or anything that could have been improved!

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