BOOK REVIEW: Swim Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story by Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee

Book Review: Swim Bike Run by the Brownlee Brothers

“Swim Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story” – Book review by Active + Nourished

I really enjoyed reading “Swim Bike Run”, this autobiographical piece written by the Brownlee brothers. They provide a descriptive reflection of their lives from early childhood including how they became involved in triathlon, through to their journey to the London Olympics and immediately after.

Alistair and Jonathan are both very candid in their recall of their feelings and attitudes. This was not only to training and competition but to each other. It was interesting to see how very different they both are. They reveal the pros and cons of training and racing so closely together, particularly as biggest rivals and also as siblings. And they are surprising in their response after achieving their goals post-Olympics.

The brothers share details of their unique lives as elite athletes. They also share great triathlon training tips and insightful racing strategies along the way. At the end of some chapters, a section called the Coaches’ Corner also provides a good read for triathletes in training. Alistair particularly emphasises technique and efficiency versus training hours.

One of the most interesting aspects I found was the mental strength and self-determination of each of the brothers. The book provides a glimpse into how thoughts really play a part in an athlete’s success. It highlights how psychological strength and strategic play can set you apart from your competitors.


This engaging story of two exceptionally talented and hard working brothers provides a unique insight into what it takes to reach to top in triathlon at both World Championship and Olympic level. A great read for anyone interested in triathlon, sport in general or just someone looking for inspiring Olympic success stories.

Book review: Swim Bike Run - Our Triathlon Story

“Swim Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story” – Book review by a Junior Triathlete

I really enjoyed reading about the Brownlee brothers’ lifestyles as a whole and not just about the types of training they do. Alistair and Jonathan write their own paragraphs which alternate in the book to create the full memoir. They talk about their lives as kids up to their 2012 Olympic glory. It was interesting to read about what they did on a daily basis, how they first got into triathlons from when they were kids and how it developed into the most important part of their lives. You also get a feel for their ups, downs, rivalry and moments of greatness.

The brothers have a very clear training technique of trying to become as efficient as possible at each triathlon discipline. This is revealed to really be their secret to success! My favourite part was the ‘Coaches Corner’. Here they offer the reader their tips, tricks and favourite training sessions for each discipline of a triathlon- swim, bike, and run, but with consideration of the race leg to come next.


Overall, Swim, Bike Run – Our Triathlon Story by Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee is a fantastic book to read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in triathlon or just any athletes in general!

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  1. Nice review. I look forward to picking this book up sometime soon. It seems most of the books I read about triathlon are training books, not stories. Thanks for putting this review up!

    1. Hi Mike, I have reviewed a few books now and this one was a great read! Yes, an amazing and inspiring story with some great triathlon tips along the way. Hope you enjoy it! PS. looking forward to seeing them both compete in the Rio Olympics in a week’s time!

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