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ISSUU – collection of free to read magazines

Did you know that some of our favourite magazines are available to read FREE online?
ISSUU is an online publishing platform that also has the world’s largest collection of free-to-read publications from publishers around the world. Over 20,000 publications are uploaded on a daily basis, including magazines and newspapers.

How do I access the Free magazines?

You can access any publication on by searching for the title or looking through categories.

Alternatively, if you set up an account, you can follow your own publishers, create “stacks” of publications by categories and be notified when new editions are available.

Or just follow Active + Nourished on ISSUU. Here the magazines are already found and updated for you.

Active + Nourished stacks and magazine titles

Below are some of the magazines that we have sorted for you in categories (or stacks as they are referred to on ISSUU).

Just click on the category titles to find FREE online copies to read.

Active + Nourished stacks include the categories of Triathlon, Running, Swimming, Gymnastics, Yoga, Well Being and Food.


• Australian Triathlete Magazine
• Multisport Magazine


• Runners World Magazine
• Women’s Running Magazine
• Youth Runner Magazine
• Competitor Magazine


• Swimming World Magazine
• Swimming World BiWeekly Magazine


• USA Gymnastics Magazine
• Technique Magazine


• Yoga Journal
• Draze Magazine

Health, Fitness and Well being

• Prevention
• Natural Health
• Well being


• Delicious Magazine
• Eatwell Magazine
• Yum Magazine

The original post “Free online Sport & fitness, health & wellbeing and food magazines” was updated at the time of the rebrand to Active + Nourished. You can access older magazines shown in this post, on Mum2Athletes stacks in ISSUU. To keep up to date with new magazines, follow Active + Nourished on ISSUU.

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