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10 Top Pre and Post Training Recipes – FREE ebook!

This FREE ebook is filled with recipe ideas to fuel the active and also provide snacks for recovery after training too.

Healthier recipes for the active

Most recipes are refined sugar-free, with a focus on whole food ingredients (there are a couple that include dark chocolate chips, it’s all about balance after all!).

Each recipe also includes a brief summary of how key ingredients benefit the active.

Pre Training Fuel

It is very important to fuel adequately before training to maximise the benefits of performance. Requirements may vary depending upon not only the individual but other key aspects. These include the training duration, intensity of exercise and also the amount of time you have before the session.

Pre-training fuel should comprise a good proportion of carbohydrates to provide fuel for energy. Further out from training, high quality protein will keep appetites satisfied for longer. Healthy fats and fibre will also provide much needed nutrients ideally spread throughout the day.

Post Training Recovery

It is just as important to take appropriate recovery post training. This is to ensure carbohydrate stores are replenished, muscles are repaired with protein rich foods, and rehydration is sufficient.

For more detail on recovery for the active, please click to refer to our article “Recovery Nutrition for Young Athletes”. It includes the specifically recommended amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and hydration requirements.

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FREE ebook - 10 Top Pre and Post Training Recipes

Puffed Millet Peanut Butter Bites

Baked Spanish Tortilla

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