REVIEW: Fridge to Go – Handy for Young Athletes!

We love the Fridge to Go lunch bags! They are unbelievably useful (you don’t realise how much you need one til you have one!), extremely practical, effective and safe, and very importantly for young athletes, look good too! The Fridge to Go bags are so handy for young athletes to ensure all necessary nutrition for training and racing are carried easily and stored safely.

What is the Fridge to Go?

Unlike the typical lunch bag with only insulated lining, the Fridge To Go is a unique product that fits its cooling system into the lining of the bag and actually chills the contents inside for up to 8 hours!

Top uses of the Fridge to Go

1. Great to transport and store fuel & recovery for young athletes

The Fridge to Go is perfect for taking pre-training fuel where needed, and also keeping recovery nutrition cool for after training and racing.

I usually whip up a smoothie or nice cream for my youngest daughter for easily digestible pre-training fuel as she goes straight from school to gymnastics training. The Fridge to Go provides the perfect chilling system to stop it from totally melting before I pick her up.

My eldest daughter is always rushing to get organised for athletics training and filling up a bottle to go with tap water just before leaving. The first time we tried out the bag, she found it actually chilled the tap water and was nice and cold for her to hydrate during training! What a bonus! She also loves to have a yogurt (Chobani pouches are so convenient and protein rich) for a quick recovery snack on the way home in the car, so the Fridge to Go is perfect to keep it safely chilled.

2. Great for school lunches

The Fridge to Go is also great for school lunches. I am happy to now send dairy items with my girls to school. This was the first time I added fresh bocconcini to the chicken pesto pasta with mini Roma tomatoes and basil in the school lunch box. My daughter said the salad was so nice and cold, and the rockmelon was so chilled and refreshing. It really made a difference to have a cool lunch at school on a hot summer’s day!

3. Convenient to store groceries when on the go

The Fridge to Go is also useful for us mums too! I find it super handy when I need to purchase items such as dairy, seafood and meats but am not heading straight home. I can store them safely in the Fridge to Go and drive around to complete my chores or do school pick up. I could never do this with the insulated supermarket bags which do not actually chill the items while in the bag. I really love this convenience and find it saves me a lot of time not having to go back home to drop things off in the fridge.

4. Useful for travelling for competition

Earlier this week we travelled interstate to Perth as my eldest daughter is currently competing in the Australian Junior Track and Field Championships. I prepared her usual “pre-race dinner” – spaghetti bolognese of course! – and brought it over with us on our flight, frozen in the Fridge to Go!

We arrived in Perth in the evening so this meant we could quickly heat it up once checked into our apartment so she could have it before racing the next day. After 8 hours from the time I took the bolognese out from the freezer at home, it had softened but not fully thawed, just as it would if I had left it in the fridge at home to thaw. It is so much better to have home cooked and familiar meals pre-race day and it was thanks to the Fridge to Go that my daughter could have her normal pre-race dinner! We have used the Fridge to Go every day at the track to ensure good athlete nutrition away from home.

Key features

1. Stays Colder for 8 Hours

The Fridge to Go keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours. We found the bags not only great for lunch bags at school, but also for chilling pre and post training nutrition, and for travelling away from home to competition.

2. Eco-friendly

The Fridge to Go bags are re-usable and environmentally friendly (BPA and PVC-free and lead-safe) with bio-degradable panels containing non-toxic purified salt water.

3. Easy to Use

The cooling panels are easy to use as they fit comfortably in their zipped pouches. You can take the panels out to freeze, which doesn’t take up too much space in your freezer as they are very thin, or if you have space, just pop the whole bag in to freeze. To clean, all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth.

4. Practical – doesn’t take up space inside the bag

There are thin, flat cooling panels that are removable so they can be placed in the freezer then packed into the zipped compartments that line the walls of the lunch bag.

We tested the Fridge To Go Medium lunch bag where there was one large panel that sat at the bottom of the bag, and the Fridge to Go Mini Fridge 12*, which had cooling panels on the bottom and 2 sides of the bag. With this unique wall lining cooling system, it does not take up precious space inside the lunch bag like the typical ice brick commonly used. The bags are also collapsible once empty so easy to store.

5. Range of various sizes and colours

The Fridge to go comes in varying sizes and colours to suit differing needs and tastes. TheFridge To Go Medium lunch bag is the bag pictured in red and the Fridge to Go Mini Fridge 12* is the bag pictured in black.

6. Reduces wet residue after “thawing”

Unlike the ice blocks regularly used for chilling, the unique cooling panels positioned in their zipped pouches reduces condensation and wetness inside the bag.

From our experience, we found that there was no condensation inside the bag when we placed only the chilling panels in the freezer. When we put the entire bags in the freezer, we did find this did result in some wet residue.

You can find out more about the Fridge to Go bags at their FAQs page.

Where can I buy the Fridge to Go?

You can purchase from the range of Fridge to Go products direct from the Fridge to Go website.

For Australian customers only purchasing direct from Fridge to Go, if you enter the Code “Mums2Ath” on Checkout you will receive a FREE bag tag with every bag that you purchase.

Fridge to Go - Handy for Young Athletes

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