How to up your fun with Aerial Yoga at Yoga Shed!

How to up your fun with Aerial Yoga at Yoga Shed!

If you want to try something new, something challenging and something fun, I highly recommend Aerial Yoga!

My girls and I had such a wonderful first-time Aerial Yoga experience at Yoga Shed on our recent visit to the Gold Coast last week. The lovely owner and instructor, Marisa, led us through an invigorating session hanging, inverting, rotating and flexing, finishing off with the ultimate relaxing Savasana while laying cocooned in our hammocks. We left feeling energised but totally calm, restored and open.

How to up your fun with Aerial Yoga at Yoga Shed!

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga, also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga, involves performing a series of movements using a hammock suspended from the ceiling. The exercises are derived from both traditional yoga poses with some adapted, and also moves and postures from acrobatics, pilates, callisthenics and gymnastics.

The Aerial Yoga hammock is designed to hold weights of over 100kgs and is ideally suspended so that you can hang upside down without touching the ground. It is used as a prop during your session, which may be in the form of support while you are still grounded or to provide partial or full suspension in other moves.

How to up your fun with Aerial Yoga at The Yoga Shed!

Benefits of aerial yoga

Traditional mat yoga is a great workout for the whole body. It challenges your strength, flexibility and balance. It also offers a meditative-like state in which to focus and calm your mind.

Aerial yoga offers all these positives too, but with some additional benefits to traditional mat yoga. These include:

  1. Increased flexibility. The range of stretch for your body is increased by using the hammock to support and suspend, allowing further rotation.
  2. Heightened demand on core stability. Because of this increased range, some moves will require increased core work to move back from these extended positions back to starting positions.
  3. Low impact. Being supported and suspended means that aerial yoga can be easier on certain joints than some of the mat poses can be (eg. if you have knee or ankle issues, there are many more options for you in aerial yoga).
  4. Inversions. With the support of the hammock, you are able to move in and out of inversions in aerial yoga offering additional moves and experiences.
    • Hanging upside down may not seem like a benefit but it has been shown to offer great stretching and decompression of the spine.
    • Gravity works its magic to naturally stretch out your spine, your muscles and soft tissue. Aerial yoga has been shown to be great for those with lower back pain.
    • By moving in and out of inversions, you can also increase blood circulation. But take it slow to avoid dizziness.

How to up your fun with Aerial Yoga at The Yoga Shed!

Our experience

Last year my girls and I flew high in flying trapeze and indoor skydiving, both heaps of fun!

This time we flew a little closer to the ground with aerial yoga, amazing!

How to up your fun with Aerial Yoga at The Yoga Shed!


*Active + Nourished was given a complimentary session by Yoga Shed Gold Coast. All comments expressed are our own views. For further information please refer to our Disclosure Policy

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