Have you tried iFLY, the latest fun thing in sport?

Have you tried iFLY, the latest fun thing in sport?

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Indoor skydive with iFLY!

Last time it was flying trapeze. This time, our flying experience was at iFLY! And what a unique and awesome experience!

During these past school holidays whilst up north to run in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon event, we were lucky enough to also experience indoor skydiving for the first time. And what a rush!

Have you tried iFLY, the latest fun thing in sport?

What is indoor skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is well, simply put, flying high indoors! You don’t jump out of anything and there are no parachutes.

The flight chamber is a huge vertical glass tunnel. The floor of the flight chamber is a trampoline. It is made from aircraft-quality stainless steel so strong enough to stand on whilst allowing airflow. When you step into the tunnel, a massive wind controlled by the tunnel operator, suspends you up into the air.

Our experience

We were so excited for our planned afternoon of flying. Unfortunately, it was only my girls and I who ended up flying though. My husband decided against flying after finding out that there is a very high risk of a repeated injury for anyone who has had a prior dislocated shoulder. Who knew beach volleyball could have such repercussions later in life!

Once checked in, we met with our iFLY instructor, Damo, who ran through the basic fly position and hand signals used during flight. It’s way too noisy to hear anything once the wind is turn on. A quick introductory video provides more information about the flight and then off you go to get kitted up. In our all in one suits, ear plugs, goggles, and helmets, we were definitely looking the part. All set and pumped to go!

Have you tried iFLY, the latest fun thing in sport?


As a beginner, you are in the tunnel with an instructor the whole time. Sounds are muffled with all your headgear on so you really need to take note of the instructor’s hand signals.

Each flight is around 1 to 2 minutes, depending on which first time package you choose. Each person gets two flights each. It doesn’t sound like much but each flight is said to be the equivalent of a freefall skydive from 14,000 feet.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too difficult to take flight. For all you gymnasts, martial artists and yogis out there, flight position is basically superman pose. We also learnt how to turn by just turning both your palms in one direction.

Was it scary?

None of us found it scary. Unlike flying trapeze, there were no height issues with indoor skydiving at this beginner level.

As a first time flyer, you are in the hands of the iFLY instructor who stands in the tunnel with you the whole time. The instructor guides you whilst the tunnel operator controls the wind to a level to hold you at just about eye level of the instructor. So no, you don’t just go flying straight up the tunnel on your own!

The flight feeling was more about suspension rather than the feeling of free falling. I guess this is because we were flying so close to the ground rather than falling from a height.

For those after that “free falling feeling” with a bit of an adrenalin rush, we highly recommend the added extra of going to the top of the tunnel (see below).


Not scary but funny!

So it wasn’t scary, but apparently, it was really funny! Or should I say, my kids thought that “I” was really funny!

In the pre-flight prep talk, the instructor does suggest you put on a smile as the wind blowing on your face can result in some very saggy looks! Not great for those camera shots (which by the way are automatically taken while you are in flight).

So whilst taking the instructor’s advice and smiling away (ok well maybe a bit too hard), apparently it was a bit just too cheesy! Oh yeah, and when the wind gets up those nostrils, apparently they get really flarey too! Just some friendly advice to avoid having your kids start laughing uncontrollably at you too…so just try and relax!


Highly recommend the added extra!

As I mentioned above, there is an added extra you can purchase with your flight package. For an extra $10, you get a trip with an instructor to the top of the tunnel.

This was the highlight of our experience at iFLY so we all definitely recommend it!

To be honest, I really didn’t know what they meant when they said there was an option to go with the instructor to the top of the tunnel. I just said OK. And as I was the first in my group to fly each turn, before I knew what was going on, another instructor, Tim, stepped into the flight tunnel and grabbed onto one arm and one leg. He spun me around and we took off fast up the tunnel, continually spinning, then dropped down to the tunnel floor suddenly. My tummy really felt the sudden drop and before it could recover we were spinning again and heading back up!

It really was so much fun though! I am so glad I did it! Not sure if everyone normally chooses this option but everyone in our flight ended up doing it.

Here’s a video of what you can expect on the ride to the top of the tunnel.

Fly indoors with iFLY for your next exciting experience!

We really enjoyed our flights at iFLY! It was a great family activity. You can fly from the age of 3 and there is no upper age limit so no excuses for grandparents too!

If you are after a new and exciting experience, you have to try indoor skydiving! It also makes the perfect gift for that someone who has everything and done everything…well almost!

Our iFLY experience was at iFLY on the Gold Coast. There is also another iFLY located in Sydney.

iFLY_INDOOR_SKYDIVING_horiz_colour_boxYou can find more information including the various flight packages and FAQs on their website.

HAVE FUN and don’t forget to smile! (…just not too hard:))

Instructors 5

Source: Missy Mischief PR

*Active + Nourished was provided with complimentary flights by iFLY on this visit. All reviews reflect our honest opinions. Please refer to our Disclosure Policy for further details.

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