How to race around Australia with Run Down Under

How to race around Australia with Run Down Under

Every wondered how far the total kilometres you run each year would get you around Australia? Run Down Under is an online and virtual running event that tracks your distance around Australia over 12 months. That’s right, a challenge to keep you motivated and active for a whole year! How long would it take you to complete the 14,080 kilometres virtual course around Australia?

What’s involved in your journey Down Under?

  • By joining Run Down Under, you have access to your own individualised map of your journey (see below), whilst travelling on the designated route around Australia over a 12 month period.
  • The course starts in Canberra and finishes in Sydney, passing 98 towns and visiting every state and territory. You can see details of the full course here.
  • Even though this event is primarily about your own journey, you will also be able to see various leaderboards along the way.
  • You can walk or run during this event.
  • As a member, you will receive an event shirt or singlet to wear on your runs once you sign up. You are encouraged to wear this on your runs, take pics and share your journey on social media. Don’t forget to tag @RunDownUnder and hashtag #rundownunder.
  • On completion of your year long journey, you will also receive a participation medal.

How to race around Australia with Run Down Under

Who can register for Run Down Under?


This is a virtual event so anyone, anywhere in Australia or internationally can register with Run Down Under.

There are also options to Run Around Europe and Run Around USA.

How do I get started?

  1. Register online here. The membership fee is $60 which covers your Run Down Under event for a whole 12 months!
  2. Then sync your Run Down Under account with your Strava account to log all your running activity automatically.
    • If like me, you don’t already have a Strava account, it’s so easy to set one up and link your Garmin or other GPS device. You can then update and plot your journey progress on your dashboard, with results also loaded on the leaderboard.
    • You also have the option to record runs manually through any device or app that tracks your distance.
  3. Finally, just start running!

Can I backdate my runs?

Yes! You can backdate up to 4 weeks to include runs that you have already done so far this year.

If you start later in the year, your membership still covers you to race for a full 12 months from the date you either register or select to start from.


There are 7 major cities that you will pass through on your journey. After reaching each of these destinations, you will receive a memento from Run Down Under to recognise your milestone.

Monthly challenges

Every month, Run Down Under conducts at least one competition for members. In fact, there are usually two running simultaneously!

These competitions are varied and designed to keep you motivated and enthused each and every month of your membership. From creative and interactive social media competitions, through to distance challenges and “better yourself” incentives, every competition is valid for every member.

You definitely don’t have to be the fastest, the fittest or an ultra-runner to win. You just have to be better than you were last month and in some cases, just be the lucky person who is just chosen at random. It’s a great added incentive to keep you newly motivated every month!

What happens at the end of the year?

At the end of the calendar year or 12 month membership, you will have completed your event and receive a participation medal.

If you sign up for membership again the following year, you will start from the location you ended at previously, to then continue on your journey around Australia.

More questions?

Want to know more? You can find answers to FAQs about Run Down Under here.

I’m signed up now, motivated and ready to go!

Even though I wasn’t too consistent in my training, after running a few half marathons last year I really thought I had still logged up some decent kilometers. But after some quick calculations after looking back at by Garmin, I would have only made it from Canberra to just past the Queensland border…not even 10% of the total trip around Australia!

It really makes you appreciate some of the other athletes who have already completed the run around the country, with one amazing guy running the distance in under 2 years!

So now that I have signed up with Run Down Under, I am hoping to make it further around Australia this year. I am totally motivated and ready to go! Join me!  
How to race around Australia with Run Down Under

Active + Nourished was provided with a complimentary membership to Run Down Under. All views expressed are my own opinion. Please refer the Active + Nourished Disclaimer for further information.

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  1. Hi. I received an orange wrist band when I got to Sydney but never received anything when I reached Brisbane. Have the mementos stopped?

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