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Queenstown, New Zealand Official Website

Active + Nourished’s Queenstown holiday Instagram photo, has now been featured on Queenstown, New Zealand’s Official Website today in its newly launched “Your Stories” collection (1 March 2017).

Queenstown Holiday - Active + Nourished


Before our rebrand in July 2016, Active + Nourished was known as Mum2Athletes. Here is a list of highlights where Mum2Athletes was featured in the media and on other websites.

Australian Triathlete Magazine

Mum2Athletes had two Instagram photos (now know as activeandnourished) featured in the “Tis the Off Season” article in the Australian Triathlete Magazine. You can find our stand up paddle boarding photo (top left photo on the right hand page) from our School Holiday Ideas for Active Kids post and our Garudasana yoga pose (bottom right photo). Both were taken from our summer holiday in the Whitsundays and on Hamilton Island. #ATSummerLovin (March/April 2016)

Media - Mum2Athletes' Instagram post featured in Australian Triathlete MagazineMedia - Mum2Athletes' Instagram post featured in Australian Triathlete Magazine

The Will to Fly

Mum2Athletes’ Movie Review of “The Will to Fly” was published on the official Will to Fly website.

(February 2016)

Media - The Will to Fly Movie Review by Mum2Athletes



Mum2Athletes is now being featured on the feedfeed website. (October 2015) – Now featured under the new brand Active + Nourished.

Photos are sourced from our Instagram account.

Media - Mum2Athletes is featured on feedfeed