Mothers’ Day Indulgence at Aurora Spa

Mothers' Day Indulgence at Aurora Spa

For the busy mum who spends all her time caring for her children, driving her young athletes to and from training and competitions, and putting everyone else in the family first, there is nothing better than a gift for a Mothers’ Day indulgence at Aurora Spa retreat!

Mothers' Day Indulgence at Aurora Spa

An Aurora Spa treatment – the perfect Mothers’ Day Indulgence!

For me, the perfect mothers day gift is something that I would absolutely love but am reluctant to purchase myself as it seems a little overindulgent.

For many of us, treating ourselves to a luxury day spa experience is something we would all totally enjoy, but rarely do unless given to us as a gift.

Over the past 10 years, I have been lucky enough to be a long time visitor to the beautiful and luxurious Aurora Spa Retreat in St Kilda, Victoria.This has been thanks to my very generous and gorgeous husband! I can honestly say that a gift voucher from Aurora Spa is always very much appreciated as I know it will be some very much needed and appreciated time out in total pampering and luxury!

Active Botanical Facial

One of my favourite treatments at the Aurora Spa Retreat is the Active Botanical Facial. It ticks the boxes of total relaxation (blissful time out for this taxi driving mum). And it is also amazingly rejuvenating for the skin.

My recent visit last week* was very unique. My beauty therapist was male (which is extremely rare) and a new experience for me! I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first. But I am happy to say that Bryce was terrific, professional and knowledgeable.

The treatment began with a little consultation and then analysis of my skin. Aurora Spa uses the beautiful Kersin Florian products in its facials. They are tailored to your personal skin type and needs.

For me, I started with a double facial cleanse and tone. This was followed by a steam over an exfoliation treatment masque while enjoying a fantastic foot massage at the same time! I know this treatment is actually a facial but as a runner, I have to admit that having my foot arches massaged was a very special treat!

Then came the moisturising process. Again, also so relaxing as it was applied with a very soothing facial massage.

An hour slipped away with no thought to anything but calm and serenity. This was until Bryce gently sprayed me with a Rose Hydrating Mist. He then asked me softly, “to slowly bring your awareness back into the room”.

Mothers' Day Indulgence at Aurora Spa

Mum, You Make My Heart Smile” – Mother’s Day Promotion At Aurora Spa Retreat

The Active Botanical Facial is a 60 minute facial at a cost of $185. It can be purchased on its own, or as part of one of the Mother’s Day promotional packages.

Aurora Spa Retreat is currently having a very special promotion for Mother’s Day. Treatment packages range from over 20% to 60% off the normal prices. What a great gift idea also for your own mum or mother-in-law for an amazing Mothers’ Day indulgence!

In addition, if you spend $39 or more on the ASPAR range you will receive a Relax & Unwind gift, valued at $44* by entering the Promotion Code MUM2016 when purchasing online at the Aurora Spa website. The Relax and Unwind Gift includes a Rose Hydrating Facial Hydrosol (60ml), an Orange & Vanilla Lip Moisturiser (10ml), Rose & Shea Hand Cream (10ml) and a Relax Tea Sachet (as pictured below) .

You can find out more about treatments, products, specials and even book online at the Aurora Spa website. They are located at:
Aurora Spa @ The Prince
1st Floor, 2 Acland St, The Prince Hotel
St Kilda, Victoria, Australia 3182

So next time your husband or children ask what you want for Mother’s Day, and before you say “I don’t need anything”, stop and think of a well deserved and wonderful Mothers’ Day indulgence at Aurora Spa Retreat! 


*Active + Nourished was a guest of Aurora Spa Retreat on this visit.  All reviews reflect our honest opinions. Please refer to our Disclosure Policy for further details.

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