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1. Book Reviews

You can find a complete list of our book ratings at For those books we enjoyed and would, therefore recommend to you, (those we rated 3 stars or above, out of 5), we have provided book synopsis and recommendations for you here.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Sports Gene by David Epstein


Book reviews: Believe by SALLY PEARSON

Usain Bolt

Book Review - The Will to Fly Nadia



Leisel Jones
Head Over Heels

2. Movie & DVD Reviews

Lydia L


3. Product Reviews

toxin-free-cleansersHow to fuel the active eco friendly and plastic freeAthlete Grade Natural Deodorant - Axilla ReviewSunscreen 2Fridge to Go 2

4. Experience Reviews

Looking for an amazing holiday for your active family?Have you tried iFLY, the latest fun thing in sport? Awesome Family Fun at the Gold Coast Marathon!FLYING TRAPEZESchool holiday ideas for active kids III21 dayMothers Day Aurora Spaschool hols2
Aurora SpaOrienteering 2SCHOOL HOLIDAY IDEAS IYoga brings calm, mindfulness and strength - the best addition to my weekly routine!





















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