Run for rewards with Running Heroes

Running Heroes - Run for Rewards!

I recently signed up to the community of Running Heroes. Here you can log your runs, earn points, which are then redeemed for rewards!

Best thing is that it is all for free!

Running Heroes

How does Running Heroes work?

All you need to do is register with Running Heroes, sync it with a complimentary running app (it works with RunKeeper, Strava, Nike+, Runtastic, MapMyRun and Garmin GPS watches), then just run! Points are allocated and accumulated and then you can swap them for rewards! Running Heroes currently has over 12,000 members in Australia.

How are points calculated?

Running Heroes has its own calculation method taking into account gender, distance, time, pace and elevation of your run. An average runner would get around 1 point per minute. No points are earned for treadmill running though, as points are only calculated from GPS based running data. Points are awarded automatically after your run.

What rewards are on offer?

There are a wide range of rewards available which range from up to around a 35% discount on products (such as Brooks, ASICS, Polar, Adidas, Skins), to discounted and free entries to events (such as the Wings for Life World Run and Triathlon Pink). Here are the current rewards on offer.

Refer friends for extra points

By referring friends who sign up to Running Heroes via your referral code (given to you when you sign up), you earn 25 points and so does your friend! Win win! In addition, after 15 referrals you also receive a Running Heroes t-shirt.


You can also sign up for Challenges where you can win prizes without using your points. Challenges may include running a certain distance within a certain time frame to then be eligible to be drawn as a randomly selected lucky winner. Here are the current challenges on offer.

Other aspects to consider

When do your points expire?

Upon investigation, we found this a little unclear. On the Running Heroes’ website FAQ’s page it states that activity points do not have an expiry date however under the Terms of Use on which you agree to upon at registration, it states that “Activity Points accumulated will expire at the end of the following year from the date the Activity Points were earned.” After correspondence with the Australian Country Director of Running Heroes, this discrepancy was noted and it was indicated to me that it is not their intention to expire activity points and that the Terms of Use may then be updated at some time to reflect this. Either way, there is still plenty of chance to earn and accumulate rewards until you find something on offer that you would like to redeem. Don’t forget it’s all free!

Too good to be true?

How does Running Heroes offer rewards at no cost to its members? In return for discounts or free products or services for its members, Running Heroes’ partners receive advertising/promotion to its subscribers by nature of the rewards given and challenge events offered. Running Heroes also work with the sports brands to help them engage with runners and run promotional campaigns, and can also offer access to the aggregated information collated from members such as the number of participants, average fitness level, age, and gender. Running Heroes has indicated to me that it does not share any personal information.

Privacy Policy

It is always prudent to read the Privacy Policy when you are providing your personal details online to ensure you are comfortable with the Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy states that your personal information may be disclosed to third party and contractors. Running Heroes has indicated that this is not to their partners but for purposes of e-commerce.

Running Heroes does however, provide a wide level of flexibility with how much information they require upon registration with just as little as a first name and gender, so you can control how much or how little information you wish to provide. This makes it easier to participate if you are concerned with revealing your personal details.

Ready to sign up to Running Heroes?

If you would like to get started with your BONUS 25 POINTS and are happy to be referred by Active + Nourished, click here to sign up to Running Heroes now. Happy Running!

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Running Heroes

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