School holiday ideas for active kids III – flying trapeze, Latitude and roller skating/blading

School holiday ideas for active kids III - flying trapeze, intensity and roller skating/blading

Yes, it’s just about that time again…school holidays! If you missed our previous two posts in the series, you can check them out for more holiday ideas on parkour, indoor rock climbing, circus school, snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.

Our three new school holiday ideas for active kids are flying trapeze, Latitude, and roller skating and blading.

Flying Trapeze – for Adrenaline Seekers!

What is it?

Flying trapeze is a specific form of trapeze where the flyer swings from a platform holding a horizontal bar that is suspended by two ropes.

What does it involve?

Instructors, a net, and harnesses…luckily! Haha, just kidding. I know it sounds scary but it is actually so much fun!

Starting off in the beginner class, you learn the basic calls. These include the cue to take off and how to move into a knee hang. This will set you up later for a catch with an instructor. Then it’s up the ladder, 7 meters high and off on your first swing. From there the skills and tricks are endless!

Key benefits

Flying trapeze is not only a test of mental toughness for those apprehensive with heights but also demands some level of flexibility, timing, and quick thinking!

Flexibility and coordination with a little core strength are worked to complete a swing to knee hang, one of the basic moves while swinging. Timing is also very important when performing catch and releases, but this is pretty easy to achieve if you follow the instructor’s calls. Because of the speed of the swing, flying trapeze does require quick thinking. You must listen to the instructors call and execute the move pretty much immediately in order to maintain the timing of the swing. This is particularly important when connecting for a catch with another instructor for example.  Great to get both the mind and body active!

Our experience

We absolutely loved our first-time experience at flying trapeze and would highly recommend it to all adrenaline seekers! It is suitable for children and adults alike. You’d be surprised how easily the kids can do it!

Read our post “Flying Trapeze – For Adrenaline Seeking Athletes” for the complete run down of our first experience at the Fly Factory. We attended a Flying Trapeze Experience 2 Hour Workshop for first-time beginners.

My youngest daughter loved it so much after this experience that she went back again and took some friends along to celebrate her birthday. This time, she conquered the half turn catch with a double back dismount too! All the girls who came had a ball and it was a new and adrenaline pumping activity for everyone!

You can find out more about parties, different types of lessons and holiday programs available at the Fly Factory at 26 Cottage Street, Blackburn, Victoria.

Latitude – Bounce, Climb, Fly

What is it?

Latitude is an indoor activity centre that offers a wide range of activities for kids. There is also a Kids Zone for little ones from 18 months and under 5 years old.

What does it involve?

Indoor activities include trampolines, climbing walls, dodgeball, basketball lanes, a high ropes obstacle course, battle beam and mini bungee. Each session runs for 1 hour.

Key benefits

With such a range of activities, Latitude will keep your kids active using lots of different physical skills including strength, balance, coordination and aerial awareness.

Our experience

After spending time at different individual trampoline parks, indoor climbing centres, and high ropes courses in the past, Latitude was a fun and convenient place to experience them all in one place! The variety offered was definitely one of its major attractions and it is another one of our great school holiday ideas to keep children active and entertained!

Latitude is located at 590 Waterdale Road, Heidelberg West, Victoria.

Indoor Roller Skating and Roller Blading – for the Cruisers and the Speedsters

What is it?

Roller Skating uses roller skates, that are boots or shoes with four wheels attached (two front and two back), to skate across hard surfaces.

Roller Blading is much the same, with the main difference being the roller blades have their four wheels lined up vertically up the boot in one line.

What does it involve?

Roller skating or blading refers to the act of skating over any hard surface. Indoor roller skating or blading is where you do this at an indoor skating rink.

Recreational skating is for all ages and abilities. For those who want to learn from instructors, there are classes (starting from preschoolers up to adults). For those who want to make a sport out of it, there are also speed skating classes.

Key benefits

Roller skating or blading is great for fitness, balance, and coordination.

Our experience

My girls had their first roller skating experience at Skaterz skating rink. Here you can choose to roller skate or roller blade. Sessions range from 2 to 2 1/2 hours during school term to 3 hours for school holiday sessions. It involves skating around the rink, with changes in direction made at intervals. There are also games interspersed during each session where you can win prizes.

I have to say, taking my girls to Skaterz was a flashback to the 80’s when I used to roller skate. Roller skating was much bigger back in those days! Not much has changed though, from the disco balls, flashing lights…oh yes, well maybe the music! It’s just not quite the same without the good old 80’s hits!

I would suggest indoor roller skating and roller blading would appeal most to younger children, tweens, and early teens. My youngest daughter enjoyed this the most and has been asking to go back again. It’s another one of our holiday ideas that sparked great interest for a first time try, so she will be back again these holidays to work on mastering speed, turns and perhaps even skating backwards!

You can find out more about sessions and classes at Skaterz skating rink, located at 27 Susan Street, Eltham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3095.

School holiday ideas for active kids III - flying trapeze, intensity and roller skating/blading

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